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Find your voice, raise your confidence and get unapologetically visible

Virginia Foley

Marketing & Mindset Coach/Consultant

It's your Time to Rise

Time to raise your profile

About the programme

The 4 Week Intensive Programme

Truth bomb - there's a reason why marketing your business feels really hard and heavy and you spend more time ON the marketing than IN the work you love. 

You have not allowed yourself enough time and space to really get clear on what you do and how it can help others solve THEIR problems.

You are probably terrified to say anything at all because you are so stuck in your head worrying about what people will think!

Seen + Heard is an entirely new live programme that will bring yourself and your business into true alignment, bringing your natural confidence to the core.

No more 'shiny object syndrome', where you hitch your hope to the next ‘hot trend’ or strategy.

No more swimming in a loop of self doubt and feeling deflated by your lack of progress.

No more waiting for people to really see you and understand the work that you do.

No more overthinking about what you need to say to attract the right kind of people.

If you are feeling stuck or underwhelmed by your current situation, your business stays stuck too and it can only grow when let go of what’s holding you back.

So the longer you stay paralysed by your own doubts and fears, the longer your business will also operate from this low energy place, keeping you invisible (and exhausted!).

Over the course of 4 weeks we will uncover your own personal blind spots and figure out what you really need to say. We will anchor your confidence in certainty so that you no longer have to worry about sharing your unique voice, speaking on camera, pitching yourself to the media or get more visible and known for the wonderful work you do.

We are doing a full 360 on your confidence and setting you up for a more sustainable marketing model that feels easy and fun so you can be seen and heard by the clients that are out there looking for someone exactly like you!






What you will learn

This is a combination of the mindset & strategy required to shift you up a gear to get you seen and heard. So if you have a secret desire to speak at events, run your own retreats, get on TV or simply talk with ease on social media, then it wont be a secret for much longer.

We take a radical look at whats holding you back and clean up the energy around self doubt and fear of being judged. When you show up completely as your authentic self, it resonates with people on a much deeper level.

Once that gets leveled up, we will give you all the strategies (and templates and documents) required to proactively go out and get your brand the attention it deserves. I'm talking how to be your own publicist and write press releases, brand collaboration proposals, pitching to media - ultimately selling yourself - but from a place of integrity and self belief, getting you the spotlight your work deserves.

It's not about where you show up, but HOW you show up.

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Get activated

with me

Virginia Foley

I'm on a mission to overhaul your confidence & self-belief!

Activating people to RISE is what comes naturally to me - to find the gold in you and bring it to the surface so it can shine out of you with ease.

After feeling lost and invisible myself for such a long time, I finally figured out a way to unleash my own power which led me to creating ‘Up She Rises’ – a female empowerment community. My purpose is to inspire women, just like, to take bold action, to let go of limiting beliefs and others expectations and live the life you deserve.

It is my job to help you break down the made-up barriers that are keeping you in the shadows of who you are really here to be.

Get paid for being exactly

who you are

No more worrying about what others

will think

Once you walk through the programme you will be more connected to your true self and unlimited potential. Once you find and connect with your true voice, what you say doesn’t even become a consideration. A level of self trust kicks in and it gets to be fun from there onwards.

Chances are you already know how your work is impacting people – but how do you become known for it? But it feels really heavy to go out and tell people what you do because you are paralyzed by overthinking and lacking the clarity that will make it super simple to sell.

Its time to get out of the fear zone and raise your profile. I want to normalise women being themselves and sharing what they know and love, without worrying about what people will think.

It’s time for marketing to get more authentic and simpler so you can get on with the work you love. The small easy, but effective steps in this programme will help you gain confidence without feeling over exposed or ‘full of yourself’. You just need to be even more of yourself, sharing all that knowledge that you have, with out feeling the ‘salesy ick’.

Im guessing you even know what to do but you cant seem to do it. That’s a mindset issue that we can fix so you can start to get really comfortable with who you are and sharing your divine gifts with the world.

Grab this opportunity now

Time  to show them

who you really are

and get comfortable with the audience that is right there waiting for you to show up.

Module ONE

Unblocking Yourself

Overcoming fear and judgement and stop holding yourself back. Identifying whats behind all that fear you have built up. You need to release to rise! So we will uncover what is blocking you so that we can unlock your natural confidence.

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Module TWO

Authenticity & Ownership

Showing up in the right energy is essential and will become inevitable when you find your true, authentic voice. You will never build your authority if you don’t believe it first. Then we learn to claim it and own it. But let's do it in a way that feels lovely and effortless (without all the salesman lingo!) so you can speak like a pro.

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Module THREE

Brand Story

& Alignment

The stage or camera is yours. Now lets figure out what you need to say and do. This module will allow you to get clarity around your messaging. This will shift your marketing from 'must do' to 'want to do'.  It should feel natural and aligned to share your story when you've had a chance to clean it up more strategically.

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Module FOUR

Life’s a Pitch

PR, Collaborations and media pitching. Whether its your own event you want to create or you want to get sponsorship or collaborations, become a guest speaker or contributor, you will be ready to confidently raise your profile! You will learn how to get brand deals, collaborations, TV slots, you name it. The magic formula to leveraging the media.

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Additional Resources

We go deep

This is not just learning – but integrated ACTION! All modules are supported by somatic pratices, activations, meditations and visualisations – all geared towards getting you to exactly where you deserve to me and the freedom to be your true self.

Get me activated now!


A bank of Canva and document templates to get you on your way. I’m talking Press kits, pitching documents, press releases, promotional materials. You name it. We even go through how you can use AI to make the process even quicker!

Take to me easy street!

No more living in the shadow of your ambition.

It's your time to rise.


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Seen & Heard

Find your voice, raise your confidence and get unapologetically visible